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Alexander Zharov Head of Roskomnadzor

Alexander Zharov

Head of Roskomnadzor

The Fifth International Conference

Personal Data Protection

When it comes to such spheres as personal data protection, it is unacceptable to isolate our efforts within one state. We should choose the path of international collaboration, as competent authorities in different countries are faced with the same problems.

The Conference "Personal Data Protection" is an annual event organized by Roskomnadzor. It will take place for the fifth time this year.

Over the course of the Conference the current issues of all concerned parties, spanning representatives of the competent authorities and personal data operators to regular personal data subjects, will be discussed. Year by year, this subject becomes more and more important, especially given the fact that a new Russian law on personal data protection will come into effect in 2016.


Exchanging information, professional experience, and opinions regarding issues related to personal data protection.


  • Opening a direct dialogue between a competent authority for personal data protection and personal data operators, leading telecommunication industry players, and online communities.
  • Discussing new ways of effective collaboration between state authorities and the business community to provide progressive growth of the telecommunication industry and information technologies.
  • Developing future-oriented proposals and initiatives regarding control and supervision of personal data protection, as well as mutually acceptable standards of enforcing legislative innovations in personal data protection.
  • Explaining special functions of the competent authority for personal data protection performed currently and in the future.


  • Developers and manufacturers of personal data protection systems
  • Senior executives
  • Information security experts and leaders
  • Representatives of personnel and legal departments of credit and financial companies; telecommunications companies; health care institutions; educational establishments; oil and gas, power, and industrial complex; transportation providers; travel agencies


  1. Issues related to legal regulation of cross-border data transfer:
    • Legal regulation of protection of information processed in the cloud environment.
    • Experience of building and practical use of the O2 cloud platform.
    • Current state and trends in the development of the Federal Cloud project.
    • The concept of legal regulation of cloud computing: a comparative analysis with the European legislation.
    • Personal data protection in the cloud environment in health care institutions.
    • Cloud security: experience of communications service providers.
    • Protection of the virtualization environment of state and municipal authorities.
  2. The place and role of the online community in personal data processing:
    • Issues of personal data processing in social networks: legal regime of social networks, and issues of adapting to the current legislation.
    • Internet as an object of legal regulation: opportunities, potential, feasibility.
    • Personal data protection on the Internet: search engines and the right to be forgotten.
    • Dissemination of personal data on the Internet: practical experience, new challenges and threats.
    • Incident investigation and cybercrime counteraction in the banking sector.
    • Internet as a new medium for offenses and crimes: practical experience.
    • Issues of protection of buyers' data when buying goods and services online.
  3. Collaboration between the Competent Authority and personal data operators: theory, practice, issues:
    • Collaboration as a guarantee of effective protection of the rights of personal data subjects.
    • Secure domain environment: cooperation experience in curbing illegal activities of online resources.
    • Standards of the Bank of Russia for the purposes of the Federal Law On Personal Data: modernization and implementation.
    • Experience of collaboration with European competent authorities as applied to Russia.
    • How to be heard? Activity of the Advisory Council of the Competent Authority for Protecting the Rights of Personal Data Subjects.
  4. Freedom of information on the Internet and the right to privacy: implementation limits and protection guarantees. Issues of illegal websites functioning outside a country's jurisdiction, decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union against Google:
    • Results of the reformation of European legislation: a comparative analysis.
    • Modernization of CE Convention 108: the future of development of Russian legislation.
    • Structure and content of organizational and technical measures for ensuring personal data security when being processed via CPS.
    • A comparison between the requirements of the Federal Law On Personal Data and current provisions of the federal legislation: is there a conflict?

Expected results

An exchange of international experience in protection of the rights of personal data subjects; establishment of business contacts with foreign colleagues; analysis of legal practice; and development of proposals for regulating the sphere of protection of the rights of personal data subjects.