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Alexander Zharov Head of Roskomnadzor

Alexander Zharov

Head of Roskomnadzor

Antonina Priezzheva Deputy Head of Roskomnadzor

Antonina Priezzheva

Deputy Head of Roskomnadzor

Alexey Balaban Radio Spectrum INO

Alexey Balaban

Radio Spectrum INO

Sergey Plugotarenko Director of The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC)

Sergey Plugotarenko

Director of The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC)

The Conference "Personal Data Protection" is an annual event organized by Roskomnadzor.

Over the course of the Conference the current issues of all concerned parties, spanning representatives of the competent authorities and personal data operators to regular personal data subjects, will be discussed.

Year by year, this subject becomes more and more important, especially given the fact that a new Russian laws on personal data protection.

of the 6th International Conference «Personal Data Protection»
city of Moscow, 10.11.2015

In the modern world, built on the computerization of the majority of processes, informatization, and global network development, one of the most complicated tasks is protecting privacy in general and, particularly, protecting personal data. Having realised the necessity of the widespread development of informational resources, mankind is more and more preoccupied with making sure that information on any particular person is not easily accessible or available for commercial purposes. The established information market should not be built on personal data and the personal data subject should not become a commodity on this market.

The experience of the majority of countries has shown that it is impossible to solve this task by way of tightening of legislation alone. It is obvious that rules for handling personal data should be strict enough to prevent the dissemination of personal data against the will of the data subject, but these rules should be reasonable enough and should not preclude lawful activities that require the collection, processing, storage and dissemination of personal data.



Exchanging information, professional experience, and opinions regarding issues related to personal data protection.


• Opening a direct dialogue between a competent authority for personal data protection and personal data operators, leading telecommunication industry players, and online communities.

• Discussing new ways of effective collaboration between state authorities and the business community to provide progressive growth of the telecommunication industry and information technologies.

• Developing future-oriented proposals and initiatives regarding control and supervision of personal data protection, as well as mutually acceptable standards of enforcing legislative innovations in personal data protection.

• Explaining special functions of the competent authority for personal data protection performed currently and in the future.


• Developers and manufacturers of personal data protection systems

• Senior executives

• Information security experts and leaders

• Representatives of personnel and legal departments of credit and financial companies; telecommunications companies; health care institutions; educational establishments; oil and gas, power, and industrial complex; transportation providers; travel agencies


Section 1 "Practical questions of processing of personal data in the organization"

1. Processing of personal data in the field of labor relations. Practice of law enforcement.

2. Processing of personal data by third parties under the agreement. Outsourcing, an agency contract, the contract of assignment.

Section 2 "New requirements of the legislation on personal data. Cross-border data transfer. Legal regulation and practice of law enforcement"

1. Federal Law № 242-FZ. Main provisions and practice of law enforcement.

2. Problems of legal regulation of cross-border transmission.

3. Analysis of judicial practice of blocking sites on the Internet. Practical problems and peculiarities of the procedure of blocking sites on the Internet. Mirror sites, change of ip-addresses.

4. Legislation on the localization of personal data. International experience.

Section 3 "Common Information Space: cultural and educational problems, aspects of processing of personal data"

1. Problems of the virtual space in the educational sphere. Organization of conducting electronic diaries, journals and websites of educational institutions.

2. Impact of modern IT-technologies on the development of cybercrime in Russia.

3. Experience of self-regulation in RuNet. All-Russian competition among sites for children, adolescents and young adults "Positive Content 2015" nomination "Personal Data".

4. Children in the information society. Personal data and children: risks and consequences. Sites on the Internet devoted to the problem of protection of personal data and rules of conduct for Internet users.

Section 4 "Regulation of information security sphere under the conditions of new challenges and threats"

1. Technical activities (technological, organizational and procedural measures) aimed at minimizing risks and potential consequences of threats.

2. New procedure for monitoring the activities of operators of personal data.

3. Administrative responsibility for violation of the law on personal data. New legislation.